5 Things to Consider When Purchasing New Hot Water Heaters

The recent years have seen a shift from the tank-type water heater partly due to technology advancement, higher water heater efficiency directives, and consumer behavior.

Consider the following when shopping for a new hot water heater in Cypress, Humble, Sugar Land, or The Woodlands.

While New Storage Water Heaters Are More Efficient, They Have Had to Grow in Size.

Tanks purchased prior to NAECA 3 will be modified by at least 2” in height and 2” in diameter to allow for insulation, not to increase capacity.

Similarly, old tanks over 55+ gallons are off the market. You may have to buy a hybrid if searching for a 55+ gallon electric tank water heater or condensate tank if using natural gas.

Find out whether your current space can fit a larger tank or downsize to a smaller one depending on your needs.

Should You Heat Water Using Propane, Natural Gas, Or Electricity?

Generally, propane is costlier when heating water compared to electricity and natural gas, while electricity is cheaper.

While most tankless units need above 30 amps to heat water, most tank electric water heaters are wired to 30 amps and 220 volts.

On average, a home in Katy, Houston, Spring, or Sugar Land consumes one hour of hot water per day. Heatworks and other tankless electric water heating systems consume power when hot water is drawn hence saving energy.

Where Is Your Water Heater Located?

You may downscale to a tankless unit if installing a new same sized heater as per NAECA 3 conditions is impossible.

Install your water heater at a centralized point or near points of use to avoid running out of water quickly or having to wait for the hot water to arrive.

What Is Your Starting Groundwater Temperature? 

Whether you live in Houston, Cypress, or Katy, you should confirm your area’s groundwater temperature with groundwater temperature maps.

Avoid measuring water from an outdoor tap since temperature changes in seasons.

When using tankless electric water heaters where temperatures are low, more power may be produced to heat water inexpensively by connecting larger breakers in existing panels.

How Much Hot Water Do You Use at Any One Given Time? 

Tankless electric water heaters have a higher flow rate causing low temperatures. While supplying hot water to high- flow fixtures, tanks run out of water.

Besides the costs of purchasing a water heater, bear in mind the governing laws, energy efficiency mandates the location of your unit, groundwater temperature, and types of fixtures.