A Guide To Electric Water Heater Repair

You can learn to repair common electric water heater problems by yourself ranging from:

  • Heating Elements
  • Thermostat
  • Anode Rod
  • Dip Tube
  • Pressure Relief Valve


How to Troubleshoot Problems With Your Electric Water Heater

Whether you’re in Katy, Sugar Land, Houston, or Cypress, before contacting a plumber, check the breaker box for a flipped switch or a tripped hot water cutoff.


Common Electric Water Heater Problems 


Here are five cost breakdowns:


  1. Heating Elements 

Regularly resetting the breaker switch indicates a burned out or shorted element causing the circuit breaks; consider a replacement. To test the condition of an element, use an electrical continuity tester, it costs approximately $10 at a hardware store.

  1. Thermostat

Each element has a thermostat; the lower one is mostly used while the upper one is utilized when larger quantities of hot water are required.

Replace a faulty thermostat if the unit produces cold water.

  1. Anode Rod

It prevents corrosion of the tank and wears off with continued use. It should be replaced every five years. It’s cheap, although professional replacement increases pricing.

  1. Dip Tube

Coldwater fails to transfer for reheating from the top to the bottom of the tank when a dip tube wears off, cuts off, or rusts away.

  1. Pressure Relief Valve

It releases excess pressure from the tank. A faulty valve or excess sediment build-up causes consistent leakage. Let professionals handle any problem resulting from extra pressure.


Additional Factors To Consider 


Price of Labor

The costs of labor affect the pricing of equipment. Professional plumbers charge between $45 and $150 per hour.

Make and Model

Prices on parts of brands vary depending on the make and model of your water heater.

Quality of Work

The costs of repairs depend on a technician’s expertise and consequently the more experienced the better the repair quality.

Cost of Replacement

Conduct routine maintenance and repairs to avoid the high costs of replacing a water heater which may cost up to $1400.


Tank Water Heater vs. Tankless Water Heaters

A tank water heater stores an average of 40- 50 gallons compared to a tankless heater which is only used for heating. Installing a tank water heater is cheaper, but a tankless heater lasts a longer average of 20 years.


To Help Solve Your Electric Water Heater Problems

To keep your electric water heater in good condition, regularly conduct maintenance and repairs and maintain moderate temperatures.