Biggest Benefits of Routine Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing Maintenance

You should hopefully understand that the plumbing system is one of the hardest workers in your home, going day and night. You probably know the signs of emergency plumbing situations, and we hope you know that Loyalty Plumbing here in Houston is always here for you. However, did you know that having a routine plumbing maintenance schedule set up for your home is an easy way to avoid needing a plumber as often, not to mention helping your family’s health and finances? Indoor plumbing has been around for ages, and is a crucial part of society still, so making sure you take care of your plumbing is a part of a healthy life. In this article, we have compiled a list of awesome benefits that come from having semi-annual or annual maintenance scheduled with your plumber.

  • Regular plumbing checkups can save you money. Sure, it may seem like a little bit of a waste having a plumber come out when there isn’t anything noticeably wrong but, in the long run, it can help prevent or catch plumbing emergencies before they can happen. It can also catch those little leaks that add up on your water bill each month, saving some money there, too.
  • Better water quality comes along with regular plumbing maintenance. When you are checking in and taking care of your pipes on an annual or semi-annual schedule, you can prevent things like rust and bacteria from building up in your pipes and tainting your water, keeping your family’s health a priority.
  • You will also get better air quality with regular plumbing care. In the same line of cleanliness mentioned above, you will be keeping your pipes in good shape and thus keeping them from leaking and causing mold or mildew to grow within your home’s walls or floor.
  • Your water pressure will thank you when you are maintaining your plumbing system regularly. Leaks can affect your water pressure and cause either low pressure, which is terrible for showers, or create high enough pressure that a pipe bursts. Regular maintenance will keep your pressure flowing at a steady rate.
Routine Plumbing Maintenance
  • Protect the lifespan of your plumbing system by making sure that the pipes are properly maintained. Having a plumber come out regularly to check on the system will catch leaks either before they can start or before they get worse and ensure that everything is in top shape to keep the system working beautifully for years to come.
  • Stop plumbing emergencies before they can happen with regularly scheduled maintenance. When you have a plumber checking on your pipes regularly, they can catch any issues that may happen or have already started to happen before they have time to get worse and lead to an emergency situation. This routine maintenance process saves you time, money, and stress in the future.
  • You can improve your drainage by keeping the plumbing system of your home regularly maintained. If you keep them cleaned, clogs will not form as quickly or at all, not to mention that chemical drain cleaners can only do so much before damaging your home’s plumbing.
  • Keeping your plumbing system up to date and clean will improve the value of your home. Plumbing makes up about 10% of the value of your home on the market, so keeping that system in perfect working order will make sure that your home stays as valuable as it can be.

Regular plumbing maintenance is a key part of maintaining a healthy overall home and family. It will ensure that your system stays functional for longer and runs smoothly. At Loyalty Plumbing, we always recommend that you have a technician come out at least once a year to inspect and protect your home’s plumbing to avoid an emergency down the line. Please note that if your home has a larger amount of trees and shrubs, you may want to have them do these routine inspections more often as these roots can cause some serious damage to pipes.

We hope that this article has been useful in learning why routine plumbing maintenance is such a great thing to do to care for your home. Check out our blog for more quality plumbing information!