How to Separate the Expert Drain Cleaners from the Wannabes

Expert Drain Cleaners

Your drains have been running slowly or backing up, and you have tried everything in your power to fix the situation but have had no luck. It is time to call in the cavalry in the form of a professional drain cleaner. We at Loyalty Plumbing provide top-notch professionals, but if you decide to find another person or company, we still want to make sure you find someone of quality. To help with this, we have made a list of the aspects that separate the expert drain cleaners from the wannabes. Follow along to see what you should keep an eye out for.

  • A professional drain cleaner will use the real tools of the trade to clean your drains. Things like drain snakes, drain rods, and augers are just some of the main tools a professional drain cleaner and plumber uses that homeowners and amateurs either do not have or have inadequate versions of. A professional will also have things like exploratory video cameras to get a full view of the issue so that you can rest assured that your problem is being handled fully.
  • At Loyalty Plumbing, we utilize high-velocity water pressure jets for those tough-to-hit clogs.
  • Amateurs and DIYers tend to reach for chemical drain cleaners to remove and clean clogs. A professional drain cleaner knows that these cleaners can often cause far more harm than good. To start with, they only partially work so it essentially is, forgive the pun, money down the drain. They are also not the greatest thing to fill your home’s atmosphere with, as it is clearly chemical and could negatively impact air quality for your family. When combining miscellaneous cleaning products from home cleaners, these can react aggressively and cause major dangers to your plumbing and to your physical health.
Expert Drain Cleaners From The Wannabes
  • A professional drain cleaner knows how to thoroughly remove a drain clog because they know how clogs are formed and what resolves them. They understand that clogs are usually not created by just one thing, but by multiple bits of things clumped together. For example, your kitchen sink drain could form a clog made up of food crumbs, soapy scum, and grease. Each of these particles requires different techniques to break down and remove, and a professional will be able to handle those. Even more so, they will make it harder for those clogs to re-from. An amateur may think they’ve done the job as soon as they get anything out of the drain or the water flows down a little better and call it good, even if the clog is actually only partially removed.
  • An amateur may miss warning signs that a drain clog is more than a simple clog. A professional drain cleaner will be able to inspect a clogged drain and determine if the problem is indeed just a clog or if it is something more serious, like a problem in the backflow or mainline that needs to be taken care of ASAP.
  • A professional drain cleaner in Houston may cost more upfront but because they are taking care of the problem before it can escalate to emergency levels as well as making it harder for them to come back, you are being saved money in the long run. An amateur may actually cause more problems while trying to fix the ones you know about.

All in all, the DIY craze has branched into everything, and sure, sometimes it works out…but your home’s drains and plumbing should only be trusted to a professional. Your plumbing system is like the circulatory system of your home, and it should be treated as such. Our professionals at Loyalty Plumbing have top-quality training to give your drains the clean they deserve. Whether you have a current drainage issue or are just trying to do routine cleaning, a professional drain cleaner will do a great job of clearing out your pipes and maintaining the integrity of your plumbing system for the long run.

We hope that this article has shown you how important it is to maintain the well-being of your home plumbing, and why to trust a professional’s methods rather than DIY or an amateur.