Installation of New Construction Plumbing

In Katy, Sugar Land, Houston, and Spring, waterways and holes in the ground were utilized as toilets before plumbing. The marvel of contemporary plumbing is discreet disposal of waste.

How to Install New Plumbing

This is an exciting outlook for a DIYer

 Get Familiar With The Local Plumbing CodesTo warrant safe installation of new construction plumbing, various states prescribe various laws to homeowners.

Despite varying codes, the National Uniform Plumbing Code applies countrywide. However, you should confirm with your local building department.

Prepare The Site For New Construction Plumbing

For new construction plumbing in an existing house, demolish walls where you will fix your plumbing and create space for your tub/shower.

Shut off power if there are any cables and wiring and ensure they aren’t “hot”.

Run The Drain and Vent Lines

Install the drain and vent lines before the supply lines.

Codes recommend a slope at a ¼ inch per foot minimum and maximum of 3 inches per foot. You may slope the vent pipes in installation although not all inspectors are strict on this.

Run Your Copper Supply Lines

It is easier to install a horizontal pipe don from the basement or the crawl space. Set nailing plates on the pipe side of your studs when installing copper along them.

Don’t cross your supply lines with drainpipes and vents, you’ll rapidly flood if they leak.

Hook Up Your Tub, Shower or Sink

Use ¾ inch supply lines when securing a tub or shower faucet to get good water pressure, tap into the cold/hot water lines adjacent to the water heater to get warm water.

Place a faucet ten inches above the lip of the tub (standard tubs are 18 inches) and shower at 30 inches above the tub lip.

You may install a vanity sink or a porcelain sink but the former compares better.

Installing A Wet Wall or Tiles

For a wet wall, clean all surfaces and then seal your plaster, leave a few millimeters between the tub and panel.

Tiling lasts longer than a wet wall, ensure to seal around them to avoid leaking and rotting.

Let The Pros Handle Your New Construction Plumbing

While it is more fulfilling to DIY, use an expert, and avoid the frustration. An expert from a professional plumbing company in Cypress, Houston, or Sugar Land. will save you money on materials and is knowledgeable on the local codes.