Signs That It’s Time to Clean Your Drains

Clean Your Drains

Your drains work very hard to keep your home running. In fact, they may be the hardest-working thing in your house. Day-to-day living means constant drain usage, and blockages can happen at any time if you aren’t proactive about protecting your plumbing. Clogged drains are more than just an annoyance, too. They can also cause sanitary issues within your home that could affect your family’s health. Here in Houston, Loyalty Plumbing will be around to take care of your drains in the event of an emergency, so we have compiled a list of signs that will tell you that it’s time to get your drains professionally cleaned. Follow along and learn with us!

1. Are you hearing gurgling noises when water is going through your drains? This likely means that water is not flowing smoothly through the pipes due to a clog forming. These clogs are formed just enough at this point to make little air bubbles that create those gurgling sounds. This is a great thing to keep an ear out for as a homeowner as an early warning sign that you should get your drains cleaned.

2. Slow draining is a solid sign that you may have a clog starting in your drain. If the water is taking longer than usual to drain, it could mean that food bits, grease, hair, etc. are forming a clog inside your pipe somewhere. Getting this taken care of as soon as you notice it will save you more hassle down the line.

3. Standing water is like a step up from those slow drains. If you notice that water in your sink isn’t moving or that when you take a shower your ankles are underwater, it most likely means that the clog has formed pretty solidly and is now blocking most of the drain.

Time To Clean Your Drains

4. Are you finding yourself with clogged drains on a semi-regular basis? This could be a sign that you have a serious clog further down the line that hasn’t been resolved. This is definitely a time to have a professional handle the issue.

5. Smelly drains? This could be telling you that there’s a buildup happening in your drain. In your kitchen, it could be from oils and food particles building up over time and in bathrooms it is generally soaps and hair that create the clogs. This is easily the most unpleasant sign that you need your drains cleaned.

6. If you start noticing an increase in bugs around your drains, this is a sign that there is something clogging your drains that they find highly tantalizing. This is a two-fold thing to keep an eye on, as it tells you to be more careful of what you put down your drain and lets you know to clean out the drain. A starting point to clearing up this issue can be to use a baking soda and vinegar mix to scrub and flush the food bits away. If the issue persists, track down one of the professionals at Loyalty Plumbing and we’ll be there in a jiffy.

7. Overflowing toilets that a plunger just isn’t doing the trick to fix? This could mean that the clog is too deep for a non-professional to reach. It could be a buildup of paper products…or a platoon of Army men that went on a secret mission as ordered by their general, your child. A plumber will be able to clear this drainage issue and get the toilet working properly again.

8. Multiple clogged drains? This means that there may be a more serious issue with your pipes. This type of problem could mean that there’s a problem deep in the sewer or drainage lines, which requires a professional’s assistance.

9. If you get to the point of a burst pipe or flooding in or around your home, then you have definitely reached the point of needing a drain cleaning.

When it comes to keeping your drains running freely, watching what you put in them and keeping an eye out for these warning signs will help. Loyalty Plumbing in Houston will be on call for all of your drain cleaning needs. We hope you’ve learned something valuable here today!