Tips To Prevent Plumbing Issues During Transition Season

Prevent Plumbing Issues

1.Avoid Frozen Pipes:

Every year, the very common problem during the wintertime is water pipes underneath your kitchen sink freezing. Most times, these lines are exposed to an exterior wall. To prevent any freezing would be to insulate the pipe. Insulating is one of the simpler solutions for this problem for do-it-yourselfers and gives some form of protection against the cold. However, insulation is just as good at keeping heat away from a pipe from the cold, so pipe insulation can’t be used for every situation. Installing fiberglass insulation around the pipes will help ensure these pipes don’t freeze throughout the winter. Another thing you can do during extreme cold snaps that we have is to leave your cabinet doors open just a slight bit at nighttime; this way, the warm air from the house circulates underneath the kitchen sink.

2.Water Meter Control:

So, the essential part about protecting your home is knowing where the water meter is and how it operates. If there is ever a flood, you should always know you have to come down to find your water meter in the basement. Turning the valve clockwise shuts the supply off water to the house. If there is ever a flood, you shut the water off at the main it kills all the water to the house and then we can assess the problem correctly.

3.Protection From Water Pipe Burst:

The hot water tank connects all the water systems throughout the whole house. Ninety percent of the water pipe bursts happen near the hot water tank. If the water tank does burst or the lines do break, water will come down to the floor, obviously, and it’s supposed to seep into a floor drain. When there is no floor drain in the room, when contractors do renovations, they move the rooms around and cover up the floor drains. Often, homeowners put carpets or rugs down on the floor, covering the floor drains. If water cannot flow into the floor drain and a pipe burst, your basin will Flood. If you do not have a floor drain, many insurance companies will deny your claim because there should be access for the water to leave the house in case of a burst pipe.

4.Turn Off And Bleed Your Garden Hose Supply Lines Inside Of The Home:

During the winter months, you want to come turn off the supply line shutting off all the water leaving the house. The exterior wall could very easily freeze. Also, you must be able to bleed this line. Any water left in this pipe can expand in the cold, freeze, and crack. Shutting off your garden hose bibs is to come outside the property, and you want to disconnect the actual garden hose, never leave it hooked up throughout the winter. There is a lot of water inside these lines, and it can freeze. You want to open the garden hose just to make sure you shut it off properly inside; no water is coming out, and you want to leave it in the open position. It is always good to take the garden hose, put it away in the garage and bring it out back in the spring.

5.Disconnect Your Downspouts From Your Drain/ Sewer System:

Having your downspouts disconnected from your drain system is a key part of maintaining your property. When they connect back to the city sewers, the old downspouts can cause problems with leaves and debris getting inside this drain system; it is now city code.

6.Cap Old Downspouts That Lead Into Drain/Sewer System:

For having all downspouts disconnected from the sewer System when disconnecting your downspouts. It is always good to make sure you cap the old downspout going into the ground that ties into your sewers, so by capping it, you can ensure nothing will get inside, no leaves, and it won’t block your drain System.

7.Unclog Basement Entrance Floor Drains To Ovoid Flooding Your Basement:

Many properties with basement entrances usually have a floor drain at the bottom of the stairs. A floor drain full of leaves could become a problem when the snow melts and water rush down, blocking it and flooding into the basement.

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