Top 5 Common Plumbing Issues in Tomball Every Homeowner Should Know

Common Plumbing Issues

The most irritating of home repairs can easily be awarded to plumbing. With so much that can go wrong in your home, it’s important to know what the tops 5 issues here in Tomball are when it comes to plumbing. That’s why Loyalty Plumbing LLC wants to share their knowledge with you. We’ll go over the top issues homeowners should know about, as well as how to resolve and when to call in the pros.

1 – Leaking Pipes

This is a big one no matter where you live. Leaking pipes can be hard to catch in time to avoid damage to your home, since they’re hidden behind walls and above ceilings. These leaks can occur from loose fittings or just regular wear and tear over time, creating cracks. There will be signs, though, that you can look for to tell something is wrong:

• Brownish stains on walls or ceilings

• Walls or ceiling are wet to the touch

• Your water bill is higher even though you aren’t knowingly using more water

• Water is pooling in the basement or under the crawl space of your home

If you notice any of these signs, your best move is to call a plumber right away. Pipe repairs are not a task for unprepared, as they are pretty complicated. Let the pros take this one.

2 – Water Quality

Hard water, weird colors in your water, funny smells…any of these could indicate a water quality issue. 

Hard water is bad for your plumbing system. The buildup of calcium and limescale can clog up faucets or drains, shortening the lifespan of use. This can usually be resolved by a water softener/filtration system install. 

If your water looks rusty, there could be an issue with rust in your pipes or water heater that signals the need for replacement. 

Weird smells? Well, that could be a lot of things, but the pros at Loyalty Plumbing LLC will know!

3 – Weather

Texas weather can be wild, and your home’s plumbing can be affected. Frozen pipes can burst, storms can damage water systems, and runoff can affect water quality. Prepping your house is the key here. Make sure pipes are insulated to protect them from the cold, and make sure to batten down the hatches if a storm is rolling through.

4 – Water Heaters

If your water heater goes down, the whole house is unhappy. This could be a problem with sediment buildup, or it could just mean the unit is damaged. Getting a plumber in to repair, clean, or replace your water heater is the smartest move in this situation.

5 – Dripping Faucets

This may seem like a small inconvenience, but the cost can definitely add up over time if it keeps going. While you can possibly make a minor repair to the hardware, if it’s a bigger issue that a few simple parts then we recommend letting a plumber handle it.
Plumbing problems aren’t fun to deal with as a homeowner, so why not let someone else do the dirty work? With both residential and commercial services, the licensed professionals at Loyalty Plumbing LLC will be there if and when you need them.


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