What Is Drain Cleaning?

You may have a sewer backup or clog if you notice that your toilets, tubs, sinks, and drains are slow or you have unpleasant smells. If you decide to go with commercial drain cleaners, you may be disappointed since you’re likely to create a lot more problems with DIY fixes. Additionally, if you try to use a drain snake to move the blockage farther into the pipes, you may set up your drain system for more issues.

If you’ve got plumbing issues at your Tomball or Houston home due to a clogged drain, you shouldn’t ignore them. Your problem will not resolve itself and if you wait for too long without asking a professional plumber to sort out the problem for you, you may develop serious plumbing issues. A blockage in your drain is bound to expose your loved ones to unsanitary conditions and unpleasant situations and smells.

How Sewers Get Clogged
For most people in The Woodlands, the anatomy of a clogged sewer is an elusive concept. When soap scum combines with shed hair, in your shower or sink, it is likely to result in a drain backup. Drain clogs in the kitchen are usually a result of cooking grease and food debris that stick to the pipes and harden once cool. Another common reason for drain clogs in The Woodlands is flushing things other than human waste and toilet paper.

Additionally, tree roots can also cause clogged pipes. If the tree roots get into the main sewer line, they can infiltrate your pipes while looking for nutrients and water.

What To Expect During Drain Cleaning
Your expert drain cleaning service can determine how severe your clogged drain is using camera technology. Once they’ve done a video inspection, they’ll assess and determine the best plan to drain clean a stubborn drainage clog for good. In most occasions, your plumber will recommend a hydro jet service in order to ensure that your pipe is restored to a functional state as it was when new. When your plumber hydro-jets your drain, you will enjoy an improvement in the flow of water and your drain clog will be gone.

While drain cleaning in Katy or Sugar Land might be an intensive affair, it is essential to let a professional service get the job done for you. If not, you and your loved ones may be at risk of unsanitary conditions that could lead to health risks or issues. If you can, ensure that you ask your professional plumbers to do drain maintenance regularly.