The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Drains

Ok, you have tried to wait patiently for a plumber in Houston to get to your house to fix your clogged drain, but they keep getting pushed back and you need this drain working now…even if it’s just a temporary measure until the plumber can get there to actually take care of the issue. While […]

Biggest Benefits of Routine Plumbing Maintenance

You should hopefully understand that the plumbing system is one of the hardest workers in your home, going day and night. You probably know the signs of emergency plumbing situations, and we hope you know that Loyalty Plumbing here in Houston is always here for you. However, did you know that having a routine plumbing […]

Five Common Home Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies can pop up seemingly out of the blue, causing momentary panic as you try to figure out what it is and how to fix it. While plumbing emergencies in your home can be an unwelcome surprise, there’s no need for panic. We at Loyalty Plumbing LLC, located in Cypress, will always be here […]

Signs That It’s Time to Clean Your Drains

Your drains work very hard to keep your home running. In fact, they may be the hardest-working thing in your house. Day-to-day living means constant drain usage, and blockages can happen at any time if you aren’t proactive about protecting your plumbing. Clogged drains are more than just an annoyance, too. They can also cause […]

How to Avoid Plumbing Issues Caused by Children?

We love our kids, but sometimes those little angels can be a menace to your home’s plumbing. Always keep in mind that, in general, this is not done with malicious intent but out of curiosity about how things work. Children experience the world in a very different way, and part of that tends to be […]

A Guide to Finding the Best Economy Plumbers in Houston

Well, it’s happened. Something has gone haywire in your home, things are a mess, and now you need to find a plumber ASAP. But the question is where to start looking and what to look for? While we here at Loyalty Plumbing in Houston would be thrilled if you choose us to handle any of […]

Smart Ideas for Repiping Your Home

Drain Cleaning

Let’s face it, the pipes in your home may not be something you think about on a regular basis, but they are incredibly important. Consider it this way: if your house was a body, then the pipes are like the circulatory system. Even though they are part of the hardest-working system in your home, they […]

Reasons your Sewer Pipes Clog in Summer

The sewer system is something most homeowners don’t think about until there’s a problem. Toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs may stop draining altogether, or worse, sewage backs up into these fixtures creating an awful mess. It is an incredibly helpless feeling for a homeowner, but if you pay attention to clues, you can recognize sewer […]

Plumbing Maintenance Tips in Warm Weather

Summer is for fun; it’s the perfect time to grow your backyard garden, spend poolside family time, or relax the day away. However, what isn’t fun is having an unusually high water or repair bill due to leaks, irrigation problems, flooding, drain problems, etc. Here are a few tips to help you prevent these common […]

Advantages of Drain Cleaning

Why is regular drain cleaning so essential to the well-being of your home? Here are the key benefits of keeping your plumbing system running smoothly cleaning your drain helps eliminate any debris that may be trapped inside this keeps unpleasant odors at bay by taking care of your drain; you can benefit from faster draining […]