Common Misconceptions About Sewer Line Cleanout Services Debunked

Sewer Line Cleanout Services

When it comes to your home’s sewer line, there are many misconceptions about how they work and, more importantly, how cleanout services really work. Now, your sewer line needs to stay clear and clean in order to keep your home safe and everything running smoothly. Finding the right company to do this job will help alleviate your stress. Now, follow along with us as we go over some common misconceptions about sewer line cleanout services!

An At-Home Chemical Clean is Just as Good as a Professional Clean

We all want to avoid spending a ton of money on our home’s plumbing. However, this is definitely not the way to treat your home’s plumbing. Using a chemical cleaning agent without a professional cleaning is like just using mouthwash instead of actually brushing your teeth. This can actually damage your pipes (and your skin if it splashes on you).

Cleanout is a One-Tool-Fix-All Job

A good sewer line cleanout is usually a little more complicated than just running some cleaner and an auger through and calling it good. There are many processes and tools for this sort of job: jetting, augers, snakes, etc. A good professional will know what the best way to go about your home’s sewer line cleanout.

Sewer Lines Cleanout Services

You Can Go in Blind

This isn’t always the case. You can only see so far down the line by eye, so if there’s anything further than that you’ll need some specialized equipment. Top quality plumbers will have cameras that can snake down the line and give them a good view of what’s causing the blockage, which means they can find the best solution.

You Can’t Prevent Clogged Sewer Lines

This is an absolute falsity. There are ways to keep your sewer line from getting clogged. Here’s just a few: don’t flush anything aside from toilet paper down the toilet, minimize the food waste in your disposal, get a drain catch to prevent hair going down, etc. It’s not a surefire way to stop clogs, taking these precautions is a big step in the right direction.

It’s Fine to Ignore a Clogged Sewer Line

Big ‘ol stop sign there! You do not want to ignore any sort of clog in your sewer line. If your sewer line is clogged, this can cause a backup into your home or yard which creates a hazardous environment. A backup can also cause damage to the pipes themselves, meaning you’ll need to spend tons of money on repairs throughout your home. A clogged sewer line needs to be dealt with immediately.

Now, what have we learned here today? Yep, that’s right: clogged sewer lines are not something to trifle with! While there are lots of misconceptions around how these lines are taken care of, companies like Loyalty Plumbing LLC are here to help straighten things out a keep you taken care of. Whenever your home needs a good plumbing cleanout, remember Loyalty Plumbing LLC and give us a call!


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