Tips To Save Money While Hiring A Plumber

With certain types of plumbing problems, you have no choice but to call a plumber. Many people try to put off calling a plumber as long as possible until they’re certain it’s a problem they can’t fix themselves to save money. However, just because you’re calling in a professional doesn’t mean you’re going to need to fork over a large amount of cash.

Here are some quick tips to help you save money when you call in a plumbing professional to your home:

Stay Local

Dealing with a local, neighborhood plumber has advantages that affect the price too. They often have experience in the area, knowledge of common issues, and stock the parts needed in various areas or developments reducing troubleshooting and repair time. Our team has proudly served local residential, commercial, seasonal, and farm systems

Reduce How Much Time The Project Will Take

If you can reduce the amount of time the plumber will have to spend on the project, this will cut down the amount of time for which you can be charged for the project. Make the plumber a thorough list of every plumbing issue in your home and where they’re located so you can have them address all these issues at once. Clear all work areas so they can get right to work without having to make space. Handle some of the cleanups yourself as well. Be prepared to give the plumber information about the issues you’re experiencing and any steps you’ve already taken to attempt to resolve the problem.

Compare Rates

Chances are there are going to be multiple plumbing professionals to choose from in your area. This allows you to get quotes and compare hourly rates. While you shouldn’t just hone in on the plumber that offers the lowest rate, you should absolutely take that into consideration while also looking at factors such as services offered, reputation, and quality of customer service.

Buy Your Own Fixtures

Many plumbers will also sell you replacement fixtures like sinks, faucets, and toilets if you need to install new ones. You might be able to save by organizing the fixtures yourself; particularly if you have specific items you are looking for. Your plumber can install these fixtures for you. Just keep in mind warranties etc, often if the plumber supplies and installs they cover both the fixture and the labor vs. you having to coordinate that with the supplier and the plumber separately.

Take Care Of Your Plumbing

If you can take steps around your home to minimize the need you have to hire a professional plumber, you can save a lot of money on their services. This means knowing what items do and don’t belong down a drain, clearing clogs yourself, taking the proper steps to prevent or thaw frozen pipes, and addressing leaks as soon as you notice them. Ongoing preventative maintenance will help small problems turn into major issues that necessitate significant, expensive repairs.

Upgrade Your Knowledge

One of the easiest ways that homeowners can protect themselves from inflated plumbing costs is by educating themselves on the basics of the trade. You don’t need to know exactly how things are done, but a rough idea of the major components and how they work together will give you a leg up when talking to the plumber.

Get a plumbing how-to manual from the library and read it through before your plumber comes. Ask questions while they’re doing their inspection and when they make suggestions. If they are pushing something you don’t feel is necessary, look it up or ask another plumber what they think.

Ask For Detailed Quotes

Make sure to get the details of your plumbing project in writing. It’s fine to discuss the numbers, but you’ll need to have the details laid out to eliminate surprises and have more control of the costs.

If the plumber will not commit to an overall cost based on unknowns or potential difficulties have them commit in writing to an hourly rate. Then you can keep track of the time spent at your home and have an idea of the cost as the project progresses.

Get Referrals

Ask for referrals from your family and friends to find the best plumber for the job. Look for a reputable, experienced company that can provide you with a list of references. They may not have the cheapest hourly rate, but their training will allow them to work efficiently and get the project done right.

One of your family members, friends, or coworkers has probably had a plumbing issue and will share their experience with you. They can let you know how satisfied they were with the work and how much they paid. This can make a great starting place in your search for a plumber, but you will want to consider more than one bid.